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At Veolia we are always striving to deliver innovative ways to turn waste into a resource for our customers throughout the UK. Click below for some examples of our great work in action.

HJ Heinz

The Heinz site at Kitt Green is Europes' largest food canning plant and processes over one billion cans of food every year including the well known Heinz 57 products such as baked beans. The site processes food on a 24 hour 7 day shift throughout the year.

The challenge

To maintain their production processes Heinz requires over 100 tonnes of steam per hour. With the aim of improving the environmental performance, reducing fuel consumption and sustaining the steam supply, Heinz decided that a new energy centre, capable of generating large volumes of steam would be the best solution to guarantee the steam supply.

The solution

Working in partnership with Heinz, Veolia* signed an energy management agreement to design, build, and subsequently operate and maintain a new steam generation facility. In the first phase of the contract Veolia designed and constructed the new £5.3million steam generating facility capable of generating up to 140 tonnes of steam per hour on the site. Using the latest control technology and condensing economiser systems the energy centre increases gross efficiency to around 88% as it annually transforms over £4million of gas into steam - this makes it more environmentally friendly than the plant it replaces and will also yield cost savings. The centre also incorporates four of the largest shell boilers in the UK, each capable of delivering 35 tonnes of steam every hour. The new facility provides all the steam necessary to support current and future processing operations on the Kitt Green site and is designed to comply with future environmental legislation.
In the second phase of the contract Veolia is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the new plant and guarantee the essential steam delivery and environmental performance for the plant. The latest software and computer control systems allow the facility to be operated unmanned, with 24 hour monitoring being maintained by Veolia's Site Monitoring Centre. A team of mobile engineers provide support and maintenance of the new energy centre and Veolia developed software provides remote operation, real time meter acquisition, reporting and billing.
Optimising the use of technology to reduce environmental impact and maintain production at the site has been a key driver. The new energy centre uses innovative and sustainable technology to lower emissions and use less gas than the plant it replaces. The new energy centre is now one of the largest and most efficient of its type serving European industry.
Innovative control systems, a condensing economiser and low NOx burners give a gross efficiency of around 88% and emissions from the new boilers will be 40% lower than the boilers they replace and will save around 14% of the fuel usage.
Use of the latest UK condensing technology achieves 8%more efficiency and saves a further 8% fuel and 8% CO2 emissions over a conventionally equipped large boiler plant. The condensing economiser at the plant is the first of this size in the UK.

Total savings of £1 million per year

Energy cost savings of £400,000 per year

91% gross efficiency, 100% net thermal efficiency


The results

HJ Heinz benefits from total savings of around £1million per year with energy costs savings of around £400,000 per year. Furthermore, HJ Heinz haw no unbudgeted steam plant replacement costs thanks to Veolia’s Replacement Guarantee Scheme. The steam supply is maintained at the required pressures and temperature to maintain production at all time.
HJ Heinz also benefits from improved environmental performance due to reduced emissions - the NOx level when burning gas is below 80mg/m3 and the SO2 is negligible. The steam plant is compliant with future environmental legislation and it is contributing to ISO 14001 accreditation and PPC permit approval.


What our client had to say

“This agreement marks a very positive move for our canning operations and our aim to protect the environment. The new centre provides a further positive move towards increasing efficiency of the site.”

* On July 25th 2014 Dalkia, Veolia's energy activity, adopted the Veolia group name