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At Veolia we are always striving to deliver innovative ways to turn waste into a resource for our customers throughout the UK. Click below for some examples of our great work in action.

​Victoria Coach Station London

Victoria Coach Station, part of Transport for London (TfL), wanted to significantly improve its recycling rates and bring its levels of recycling in line with other TfL operations.

Already a zero to landfill operation through Veolia, the team set an objective to recycle 60% of all waste and asked Veolia to deliver a solution to achieve this aim.

At the time, the coach station was recycling less than 5% of waste, much of which was cardboard from retailers located on-site. This was treated through Veolia’s Brent and Southwark facilities.

The Challenge

Veolia conducted a series of waste audits which identified that approximately 80% of the station’s waste could be recycled through the correct separation and segregation process. This included passenger waste on coaches, which comprised mostly of newspapers and magazines and waste from retailers.

The challenge for Veolia was the fact that a significant amount of retailer waste comprised of food, which was invariably contaminated with broken glass. In addition, Veolia understood the complexities of attempting to educate the general public about recycling behaviour, particularly in a location where people are in transit. The solution, therefore, had to be simple and straight forward in regard to the general public but manageable for the on-site teams at the coach station. The onus had to be with the station and retailers.

The Solution

The Veolia Account Manager provided Victoria Coach Station with several bespoke solutions, which would address their requirements at various levels and deliver the desired results over set timescales.

It was decided that the coach station would take a radical approach to their waste management and go with a solution to overhaul their current waste management practices. Veolia converted the on-site compactor to have mixed recycling capability and implemented general waste 1,100 litre bins. This represented a significant reduction in their general waste capability. Internally, within the station and its facilities, Veolia delivered colour coded hoop bins – green for recycling and black general waste. The bins used clear plastic bin liners to ensure that any contamination would be clearly visible.

In order to ensure that the solution was delivered effectively and contamination issues did not arise, the Veolia Account Manager delivered a series of internal training sessions with the cleaning contractors and retail employees. Informative signage was developed for the containers to ensure that waste was disposed of effectively. A series of posters were installed in locations that included the retail outlets, contract cleaners’ facilities and offices. The education process was further reinforced with regular visits and presentations by the Account Manager to support new recruits and coach drivers, who had previously not always considered how they dispose of their coach waste.

Rate of recycling soar from below 5% to over 40% in the first month and then... over 90% within four months

Benefited from significant cost savings of over £1,000 per month


The Result

Since the introduction of the new waste management and recycling system, Victoria Coach Station saw its rate of recycling soar from below 5% to over 40% in the first month and then to over 90% within four months. In addition to exceeding its recycling objective, the coach station has also benefited from significant cost savings of over £1,000 per month.