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Site registration

Site registration


Thanks to new EU legislation many companies are now hazardous waste producers for the first time. Our site registration service can help you to meet those obligations.

In 2005, 200 new waste types were classified as hazardous, bringing us in line with the EC Hazardous Waste Directive. If you think that you might need to register as a hazardous waste producer, we can take care of the paperwork on your behalf.

For a single annual fee, managed online or with one phone call, our site registration service can take care of the registration process for your company, ensuring complete legislative compliance with minimum impact on your operations. The service is straightforward, whether you have one site or 100. Using our site registration service allows you access to technical advice as well as annual reminders when your premise code is due to expire.

If you’d like to register with us, please call us on 0203 567 4450 or email hazardouswaste@veolia.co.uk

Some key points of note within the regulations:
  • Certain sites that produce less than 500kg of hazardous waste in a year are exempt from site registration but not from using consignment notes.
  • Many more wastes are now hazardous that were previously defined as special. This includes computer monitors, fluorescent tubes, fridges and some batteries.
  • There is no pre-notification for waste consignments.
  • Mixing hazardous waste is prohibited; this means disposal of hazardous waste, such as oily rags with ordinary dry waste is illegal, even if you are exempt from registration.
  • Producers must maintain registers of hazardous waste arisings.
  • Fixed penalty charges of £300 for minor offences are now in place.
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